Monitoring Your Players

Monitoring your players is mandatory to maintain complete control of your bookmaking business.

Before jumping into this lesson, we wanted to thank for providing us access to their state-of-the-art PPH platform, which is where we obtained the screenshots in this lesson.

How to Keep Track of Your Players Activity

When you utilize a PPH, the admin panel is filled with real-time player reports.

The “Figures” section gives bookies a quick snapshot of their players.

    • Weekly Balance: Provides a snapshot of the current week’s action separated by player (View a player’s balance, payments and daily win/loss figures all on a single real-time report.

    • Action By Player: This report allows you to set custom dates (start/end). The report details how much a player has won/lost on all of the different bet types you offer.

The Action By Player report is one of the most important to analyze as a bookie.

You want to know what players are winning on and losing on. You can identify what markets are losing you money and then you can make adjustments to your bookie based on the data.

    • Player Analysis: Select a player to generate a report detailing that player’s bet count, money wagered, win/loss figures and hold percentage (sports, horses and casino data separated).

The data is also broken down further, detailing how a player performs for each sport or bet type.

The Player Analysis report lists data for the last year, six months, three months, one month and one week. This report allows a bookie to quickly monitor how a player is performing.

If a player is crushing you in horses, your next logical step is to limit that player.

The whole point of monitoring your players is to determine where you’re making money and losing money. These detailed reports allow bookies to focus on exactly where they need to improve.

For instance, a player may be crushing you on teasers, but losing on everything else. You may need to limit that player’s teaser bet size, but you don’t want to outright lose the customer.


How to Track Your Players Wagers

The “Wagers” section allows you to track your players' wagers in detail.

    • Player History: Select a start/end date for your report and then select the player you want to view. That players’ entire betting history during the selected dates will be displayed.

    • Open Bets: View every open bet, which is a bet that hasn’t concluded yet. There are various filtering options, including wager type, sport and player, when generating this report.

    • Bet Ticker: View every bet being placed in your sportsbook in real-time. The bet ticker lists the player name, date bet was placed, risk/win figures and the wager details.

Bookies can set-up instant bet ticker alerts as well, which are emailed to you in real-time.

You can choose to set an alert to be triggered every time X amount is placed on a single bet. For example, you could have an alert sent to you every time a player bets $100+.

There’s also a setting to be alerted anytime a player reaches their credit limit.

It’s wise to set-up these alerts just in case you miss anything important in the real-time reports.


Player Betting Profiles

Every player in your sportsbook will have a unique betting profile page.

The player’s profile will allow you to monitor specific players more in-depth.

Some of the data available on a player’s profile includes open bets, lifetime win/loss figures that are separated by sports, horses and casino, plus daily win/loss figures for the last two weeks.


Monitoring your player is vital to your success. Without analyzing the real-time reports available to you, you’re most likely going to end up losing money very quickly.

The reports help bookies identify recreational bettors and sharp bettors.

There’s no point letting sharps crush you. Monitor your players, identify the sharps based on their betting data (Example: Are they beating the closing line and winning consistently?) and then make sure you restrict/limit any players that are beating you consistently.

Last modified: Friday, 19 June 2020, 7:18 PM