What types of bets should I offer?

There are certain things that never change. Those will be the types of bets you offer your customers. The most basic type of bet is the straight bet. The player has to chose the winning team if it’s a money line, over or under on the amount of points in a game, or a handicap line were the spread is offered so they can lay or take points. For straight bets, there are always a charge or a vig involved. Most non-recreational players will relay on the straight bet to make a living. There’s an account analysis that takes place to detect somebody like that.

People cherish the straight bet because they depend on only one team. It’s plain and simple. The other one will be the parlay. In this case the player has to pick from 2 or more teams to win the bet. As you may know, the more teams the odds are against the player. This is why it can be adjusted once you make the first deposit. There are some sports that is recommended not to offer parlays and there are some given restrictions. For example, in football whenever the spread is higher than 3 times the spread, it’s called a correlated game. The argument behind this is that if you cover the spread, most likely you are going to cover the total of the same game.

Teasers are offered for football and basketball. These types of bets are a fan favorite. They have to pick 2 or more teams with a price starting at -110, both teams need to cover. Most settings have ties as losers. The more teams the player adds, the payouts and odds are against their favor. If there’s one loss, the whole thing is a loss. Hold percentage can be a key regarding this type of bets.

Conditional bets are another option they can have. Consensus is to call them if-bets. If one team wins, the player has action on the second team selected. There are if win only or if win or tie. It’s up to the player to select which option suits them best. The other variation will be to make reverses, in this case they are if bets that works both ways. From team A to B and back from B to A.

Once you have made the first deposit with the pay per head site, these settings can be modified to suit your sheet.

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 April 2020, 3:08 PM