How to recruit players?

Now that we have the tools to make money, what we need to concentrate on is how to recruit players. Most people reach out to people they know or probably co-workers that can get you to accomplish your financial goals.

The bookie business is booming. What can I offer that others can’t? Basically it will be the way to pamper a player and offer what they are looking for. Believe me, it’s tough to please everybody. Evaluate your options and provide a real bookie experience to your customers.

It comes down to making people recruit other people. Giving incentives to get something back when you recommend somebody is something that needs to be done. Some agents give out free plays when there is a referral. This would be the best way to recruit guys. With a free play, the player will get only the winning amount. As you may know, bookies are skeptical about being visible for the average customer.

Some bookies get a customized website from a Pay Per Head service. This opens the possibility of marketing your brand name through social media. Agents request funds up front if it’s somebody that you don’t know. There has to be a building relationship between bookie and the betting customer.

Another point of advice is to have players that have enough volume so it’s worth paying for an active player. This is the best of part of it all, you can hand pick your clientele. The agent has the power to turn away any customer that doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Players are looking for a solid bookie that will pay on time and will give them options. Have a structured way to pay, that will build your reputation. No hiccups and of course be careful to keep that a priority. Have total control of the package and if you have subs, have a short leash so you can be aware of what’s going on.

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 April 2020, 1:20 PM